The BAMazing Session, half hour


A Coaching session to really spark your NEW self!  We will facilitate your own process of connecting to YOUR inner wisdom, making choices about your actions and next steps from that place of connection. It’s connecting to the real you.



Welcome to the land of What Ifs… where the What Ifs can become your reality.

What if you weren’t scared to be you any more?

What if you didn’t feel trapped by life any more?

What if you were beyond mediocrity and stood out?

All of this is your reality and you can be set free.

Because we feel you.

We feel the layers and layers that fear and anger can bury you under.  That paralyzing What If force that keeps you stuck in a job you hate, in a relationship you’re sick of, heading toward goals you aren’t passionate about.

Because we know you.

We know the vulnerability you feel behind every word you say and the ones you don’t say.  We know there’s a BAM babe sleeping at the cusp and just waiting to reveal herself to the world around her. We know there is more to you than being someone’s mom or sister or wife. You are unique in your own way and even if you don’t see her, yet, we do.

Because we get you.

We get to the core of you in a matter of minutes and zero in on what makes you your own vibrant beauty.  We pull out your true goals and redirect your focus on what adds joy to your life.  Bring your questions to the session and we give you a new perspective to lead you down your own journey to finding who YOU really are, even if she seems stuck deep down and has been missing for some time.

It’s time to be set free.

This session is designed to help you make radical shifts in your thinking and in your life. Because you are tired of spinning your wheels and getting no where.  Because you’re tired of never being noticed. Because you want to feel alive and passionate about something.

The BAMazing Session will give you the path that’s right for you—and you will finally feel set free.


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