Emotional Intelligence The Key To A Happy Relationship, Worksheet


Developing Emotional Intelligence starts with looking inwardly.  This worksheet resource will lead you through some topics to bring you perspective and growth that you desire.


A research meta-analysis by Academia shows a significant association that Emotional Intelligence has on relationship satisfaction. Couples with high Emotional Intelligence tend to be happier in their love life. How do you reach this point of peaked Emotional Intelligence?  What keeps you from reaching the kind of satisfaction that you desire in your relationships?

Do you struggle to get a handle on emotions? Or maybe you can’t seem to overcome the pain of past experiences.

Many people struggle with a variety of self-image issues, but they don’t have solid strategies to detach themselves from negative thinking or unhealthy dependencies. Without helpful strategies to work through destructive emotions, how can you truly heal?

This resource will help you walk toward wholeness.

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