Relaxing is Always Needed

Relaxing is Always Needed

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Fireplace, coffee, and a good movie

Today has been rough, who am I kidding... this year has been rough. Today I sit and have a coffee by the fireplace with a movie. Time to decompress before diving into homework and some more driving Friday.
Messy, but OK

Messy, but OK

Life isn’t always just flowers and chocolate. It can get messy and dirty, but that’s ok.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Ways to Avoid Micromanaging

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Ways to Avoid Micromanaging

Are you guilty of micromanaging? The reality is that micromanagement is extremely difficult for most people to steer clear of. There’s usually something innate that tells you the only way something can get done correctly is if you do it yourself or closely monitor as...

Parent History

Parent History

Allender states that in order to understand our personal stories we must, “consider the various characters – both major and minor- who make an appearance” in our lives. Allender points out that the major characters of parents come with their own stories that are often...

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