Relationship Detox

The law of averages is a theory where the result of a situation will end up being the average of all possible outcomes. I believe this is where Jim Rohn got his famous quote of “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

There is some truth to this and many don’t realize that until they are kicked around a few times first. This post will help to combat the toxic relationships from your world. Free at last, free at last!

The Relationship Detox is such a powerful tool! Figure out who the people are surrounding you who actually energize you and find ways to break free from those individuals who are draining the life out of you. This is so important.

I sometimes wish life could be like that movie, “The Invention of Lying”, where everyone tells the truth no matter how awkward or hurtful it might be. The truth hurts, but lies are so much worse. Especially when you find out that people you thought were your friends were actually the one’s stopping you from following your dreams and sabotaging your happiness. I wouldn’t have to be fearful of pouring my heart and soul into someone who will just drop me in the blink of an eye later. #wastedyearswastedlife

The reality is as much as we would like to deny it, sometimes people just don’t have our best interest at heart and they still become a key influence on our happiness that also leads to whether we succeed or fail. It’s so unfair right?!

So how do you ensure you are the happy, successful person you’ve always wanted to be? Well according to the law of averages, you spend the majority of your time (and energy) with other people who are, you guessed it, happy and successful too.

So, now is the time. Identify people who inspire and lead you onto better things as well as those people who pull you down. Working through this exercise will bring this information to the forefront where you’ll naturally start making different choices about who you spend your time with.


  1. Make a list of the 20 people you spend most of your time with. For each one put a [ + ] if you feel good about yourself after spending time with them, enjoy your time with them, and they are happy and successful in their own way. These are often people you look forward to spending time with. Put a [ – ] if you find that after spending time with them you somehow feel ‘less’. Perhaps you feel smaller, less happy or have less energy. These may be people where you worry or stress unnecessarily before or after seeing them. Girl! You probably already have a gut feeling who these people are.
  2. Next ad a (gut-feeling) score from -5 to +5 against each person to identify HOW much of an effect they have on you.
  3. Finally, for the people who have the highest and lowest scores, use the last column to pick an action. This is the hard part Babes! You must decide on an action and be like Nike, JUST DO IT!

Relationship Detox Worksheet

  Name   +/- Score   Action

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