Mentally Tougher than the rest

Billy Ocean sang a popular song back in the 1980’s “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”  and some of the lyrics are rather inspiring “I’m gonna get myself ‘cross the river that’s the price I’m willing to pay”.  We all know the place where we need to be not just physically strong but mentally strong and for many the mentally strong is the weak link.

But with faith and with God on your side your mentally strong part is the strongest part of you. We all try to do things ourselves and that is only human, but sat up in heaven God looks down and sighs “if only he would ask me”

It’s a fact, God wants to help us and unlike in the real world where for example your son is playing soccer and losing and you just want to get on the field and play for him and can’t with God it is different. God can play the game for you, He can help you win and all you have to do is ask.

Mental strength is tough to find but turning to God it is straightforward. The mental strength God provides comes from deep inside us, His holy spirit descends, peace and calm are provided where needed or strength and reserves of energy are supplied to push you though. It is all there, just like a reserve on your fuel tank when the fuel low light is on and you begin to pray, you see the sign telling you 10 miles to the next gas station but in the panic you forget that your reserve gives you 15 miles. We all know it; God is the ultimate reserve fuel tank.

Sometimes finding the mental strength needed, the patience to deal with the gossip in the office, the calmness to not walk out in a tantrum when the boss is taking his hangover out on you requires just a moment with God.  Finding those reserves of energy are supernaturally possible and your mental strength is given the boost you need just by pausing and asking God for some help.

It is something any of us can have, we merely need to ask. But better still we should turn to God in the first place and more than likely we won’t be in the place we are in to begin with.

With God on your side you wear a full suit of armor that give you more mental power through Gods supernatural ability than you could ever wish for. All you need to do is turn to him and the lever will be moved and the mental energy will flow through you. Don’t let the pressure of the moment stop you from knowing this, keep close to God and your mental strength will never let you down.

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