Lord give me strength

How many times have you cried “Lord give me strength”  when things are just too much?

When we need God most is when we cry out for him, when things get too much is when we pray when in actual fact He is there and has been there all the time. It must hurt God so much that we only turn to Him in times of need, if He was your real father he would have every good reason to disown you. But God doesn’t disown you, He doesn’t stop loving you anymore than He does the next man. God is love.

But when we run out of strength on our own to do what we are doing is for many people when we look elsewhere for help and that elsewhere also happens to be God. But with a few simple habits we can keep God in our life 24/7 and always feel his presence and see His guidance. It is, after all only because we are not close to God that we cannot or do not see the signs that can get us through the challenge we have ahead of us.

The first part to gain back some control and get some of His strength is making time for him,  you only need 15 minutes a day.  The excuse is often that “my day is too busy” but this is nonsense, the 15 minutes you make for God will make your day less busy because He is in control, He is your strength.  So wake up 15 minutes earlier or go to bed 15 minutes earlier and make time.

The second part is to read your bible. God has given you all the strength you need in His world, you have the ultimate self-help guide written by God himself. Pick up your bible, find a bible study guide and get into the word.

The next part is to make God the centre of your life and your day. A simple trick is to avoid all news and commercial messages for the first hour of the day. Switch on a praise and worship CD, play some in the car on the way to work. Don’t get stressed out about interest rates and job numbers before you start your day, give God the glory because you have the day.

And finally take time out in the day,  a couple of minutes just to say Thank you to God and just to let Him know you are with Him.

These few simple things will totally change your life around, they did for me and continue to do so every day of my life.

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