Life Patterns Influence God’s Calling in Our Lives

Allender states we are called to reveal God through the themes that have been woven in our hearts.

I have to say that God’s timing is amazing. I could have taken this class at a different time and this book wouldn’t have meant as much to me. The themes and words of this book are touching my soul to the core.

Recently I took a job in Kentucky working at recruiting command. I questioned why I would be called to go back to live there. I have moved away so many times and something keeps pulling me back. This time God is talking to me more than I believe he ever has in my life.

This time he is clearly saying “heal so that you can talk to others.” Other people need to hear your story. Now I do not know who these other people are, but if my story can move them or help them then I’m willing to tell it.

On Sunday I felt like God was talking to me straight through the pastor of the church. The pastor stated, “why are you in Kentucky?” I wasn’t fully paying attention until he said that. (The interesting thing is that it was a sermon for men, but it spoke life to my soul.) Then the pastor said that God is the one who told you to open that business. To some people this might not be a big deal but to me I felt slapped awake.

For the last few years I have been questioning where my career will lead me. Should I focus on people on the autism spectrum? See my 16 year-old is on the spectrum and I feel like I could help those people and their family. Or should I open the Domestic violence clinic like I felt I should since I was 22?

If that wasn’t enough of a message… One of the ladies of the church came up to pray with me (This lady knows nothing about me) and told me that God told her to tell me that women need to hear my story. That I will reach so many people and help so many.

So now I wonder how I will get there. I don’t question or doubt that it is the correct path. God has told me what I am working for and I am listening.

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