Hearing voices is not a bad thing

Do you remember Haley Joel Osment saying ‘I see dead people” to Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense?  The movie was a huge hit and produced one of the best known lines in cinema history.  But what Cole Sear see’s in the story perhaps is not so far from the truth when it comes to having faith in God and when you have asked for direction.

God speaks to us all, some choose to listen and others not and for those that choose to listen it may sometimes feel like seeing or hearing people that don’t exist or are in a way dead.  God speaks very clearly to us when he wants to be heard and trying to tell this to a non-believer can have the reaction of them thinking we deserve to be on the funny farm.

But God speaks to us, believers hear His voice and it’s not a bad thing.  Sometimes God gives us the word we need to hear, he may through some sign or other direct us to a passage in the bible or he may just give us a red stop light or a resounding yes with “I have your back” added for safe measure. You can’t explain how but you know it is Him; you are not insane nor are you schizophrenic the voice you hear is not inside your head but inside your soul.  No matter how hard you try you can’t explain it to others who do not believe.

Hearing he voice is one thing but acting on it is another. Fear takes hold and we find an excuse or distract ourselves from what is known to be Gods voice. Following Gods voice is the hardest thing to do, harder still if you have told someone that you heard this voice say do something as they talk you out of it but yet you know you should and must follow it.

Many choose to cast the voice aside and carry on, then later in the day or sometime later something happens, something they may have prevented or something they could have achieved and then they question what they heard, but it is too late this time.

Following the voice may seem like the craziest thing in the world, it may be calling you in what seems like the wrong direction or taking you the long way round. But follow you do and the result may not always be clear immediately but in the end the reason in known. How many people have listened to that voice, taken a different route home only to find out that there was a fatal accident on the road in the place they would have been at the time they would have been there?

No, when it comes to faith and trusting in God there is no such thing as hearing voices in your head. The voice you hear is a voice you know and you trust it the more you obey it.

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