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  • Rules to make this the best community

    Posted by Mia on at 7:13 pm

    Be Awesome and Be a Babe…


    • Love everyone. This includes all races, creeds, ethnicities, and those who have fallen to the dark side.
    • Accept and encourage everyone: From Queen to Peasant to Diva mindsets, we have a wide range of women with different stories, backgrounds, and goals. If someone wants to veer in a different direction than you, it does not mean they’re wrong (different makes the world more interesting any way).


    • Spam. Flooding the forum with pointless posts, memes, pictures, etc. (AKA spam) is not encouraged. A little spam is acceptable, but don’t go overboard.
    • Advertise. The forums is not the place to advertise your personal website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. Of course, you can feel free to include links when it is relevant to the conversation or if people ask.
    • Troll. BAMbabes has a strict no-troll policy (but those of the troll ethnicity/race are welcome).
    • Be a Creeper. (…but if you’re of the creeper race, we do not discriminate).
    • Flame. Don’t start fights with your fellow Babes unless it is in a friendly constructive fashion.
    • Insult. Insults or put-downs of any type will not be tolerated.
    • Be a Debbie Downer. We all have our bad days, and we are like a sisterhood to help each other get through tough times, but don’t get a soap box or post if you just want to complain.
    • Spoil the fun! Please use the spoiler function and mark your post clearly that it contains spoilers if you are going to post any sort of spoilers for TV shows, games, moves, etc.
      • Click the + button from the top of the text box. This is the special spoiler function. Type in a title when the spoiler box pops up. Then whatever you type between spoiler title=”Test”] and [/spoiler will be hidden behind a spoiler button.


    • BAMbabes is an adult community. You must be 18 or older to post. There are few forums viewable by the public such as the Rules, Questions, and Intros. They will be clearly posted as such if guests are allowed to view them.
    • No pornography. Yes this is an adult women’s community, but it is not sexual in the slightest. While some conversations may deal in sex experience, advice, or jokes, they are to be kept tasteful.
    • Follow the law. No torrents, links pertaining to, or discussion of illegal activity/content.

    *These rules are subject to change at any time based on the discretion of the admin and moderator personnel.

    *If you think something needs to be here that isn’t, or have any questions or concerns, please comment or message Beck, Mia, or one of your mods about it.

    *Warnings only go so far babe, if you repeatedly abuse the rules of the community, don’t be surprised if you get kicked out of the community. Be warned now, refunds are not granted for rule abuse. (Their feelings are important too!)

    Mia replied 2 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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