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We must be out of our minds! We decided to OPEN SEASON for the first 150 women + a friend to become members of this EXCLUSIVE sisterhood for Waived Monthly Fees. You only need to cover the sign-up fee to help cover expenses of creating your account 🙂

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Sign up no longer available? This offer has closed! We’re so sorry doll, but what can we say… we play favorites 🙂  One be one of our sassy crew? There’s still a way! Join one of our monthly membership squads. xoxo

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These girls are CRAZY! We decided to OPEN SEASON for 150 women + a friend. Unlimited access to the membership forums, the BAMbabes & Blessings group, and 10% off on all digital content in the store, wow! Accounts are limited so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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