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Babeville early bird special

Seats for the Early Bird Special are LIMITED.

If you get accepted into this exclusive membership community, it will probably change your life. It’s like joining a sorority—a digital sisterhood where women vent, offer advice, share tips, give encouragement, crack jokes and critique each other’s selfies. It’s an interactive, communal diary, and a hyper-active support system for womanhood. More importantly, it’s a focus group for your life. If you’re wondering how to respond to a text from your ex, whether you’re wasting time in that relationship, or if your boobs look smoking, just post your inquiry to the club for real-time feedback.

Are you ready to join this fun female hive?
Please fill out the application in its entirety to be considered for entry.

Tell us who you are...

Sorry, this community is for WOMEN only. Often women only feel safe to be themselves and open up if there are no men around. If you're interested in a men only group though, send us a message to and let us know :)

Thank you young beautiful girl! We aren't accepting members under 18, but come back on your 18th birthday, ok! <3

Are you BAMbabe material?

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Connections & Networking

If approved, you will be provided with a sign up code to receive your Early Bird Special discount for the life of your account.

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