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We all have a bit of BAM in us. The time to come together and let our inner babe shine has come. Join our community where we praise God, encourage each other and lift one another up.


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Exclusive Access

  • Private community access
  • Exclusive friendship connections
  • Personal Sisterhood Profile page
  • Prayer Circle Member


Belong & Be Challenged

  • Guided Growth assignments
  • Exclusive access to BAMbabes & Blessings Group
  • Access to Annual Conferences (Coming Soon)

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You are our Priority

  • Access to certified Life Coaches who actively engage in the community
  • Deep Discount of 35% on all Online Courses, Worksheets, and other growth material

What you Get by Enrolling

A community of a lifelong sisterhood.  It’s like an online sorority 😉

Private Community

A lifelong sisterhood where we come together to encourage each other and lift one another up. We share in our journeys and brainstorm solutions to breaking chains and making breakthroughs by faith in Christ who strengthens us.

Mastermind Meetings

Exclusive online chats with the coaches to pray for and discuss various areas that lead to living fuller lives.  As transformational coaches we can help provide clarity and brainstorming for thriving in life by living in God’s Will and Grace.

Charity Drawings

At each conference, BAMbabes donates a percentage of net profits to a charity.  As a BAMbabe sister in attendance, you will be placed in those drawings to choose the charity for the drawing. Any guests you bring will earn more drawing entries for you too.

Assignments for Growth

Talking about pathways and actually taking action towards them are very different concepts. So members gain access to assignments that provide that extra push towards growth. Some are fill-able and printable worksheets.  Fill them out online or print them and keep them in a binder. It’s your choice.

Prayer Sisters

The strongest action is when Christ’s church comes together in worship and prayer. We are a tight knit sisterhood praying for one another and challenging each other to a stronger bond. You will be assigned a sponsor sister to help each other grow.

Mobile Accessability

You can interact on your desktop, laptop, or mobile.  The site is responsive so you can take our community any where you choose to go.

What exactly does it mean to be a BAMbabe?

You are a BAMbabe if you are someone working to create breakthroughs in your life. This membership community is by doing just that by teaching you to shift your mindset and destroy those limiting beliefs that have kept you from thriving in life!

Learn to chase your dreams based on faith and ultimately matching your dreams to what God’s Will is for your path of living a life fulfilled with His Grace.


Some people take more time to decide if a community is for them or not. We completely understand that so please see responses to some frequently asked questions.

What age groups do you support?

Life seems to get more hectic as we enter the adult world.  For this reason we ask that our youngest members be at least 18 years old.  There isn’t a cap to the age limit because we can learn so much from others with varying experience levels.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. There are no refunds or partial refunds though, so your account will cancel at the end of your most recent membership period. Once it expires you won’t have to do a thing. If it comes to this though, please let us know what we can do to keep you in the community!

How does the charity donation work?

Each year at the conference we will donate a percentage of the site’s profits to a charity. Members in attendance will have entries added to the drawing. Entries include submitting a charity of your choice into the drawing. At the end of the conference, a charity will be randomly selected. Then a donation will be sent in honor of the winner’s name.

Why should I become a member?

Not every membership is a good fit for everyone. This membership community is for strong, fierce women who want to grow in their life journeys by networking with and brainstorming with like-minded women. It is a place where we support each other, pray for one another, and encourage positivity. If you feel something tugging at you and you know you desire change in your life, this may be the community for you. Pray about it and contact us if you have further questions.

How often do you meet for the BAM blasts?

We are committed to organizing bi-weekly mastermind meetings.  Yearly subscribed members get exclusive access to small group and individual chats with the transformational coaches too. 

What if I get stuck on a worksheet or lesson exercise?

Lessons are there for your personal growth journey, however, we understand sometimes there is writer’s block. Each course will have a group set up to discuss inside contents with others who are going through the same lessons.  This is set up to enhance the learning and growth process as well as give extra brainstorming ideas to further thrive in your life.

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