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Living high and praising God

Who is this Gal? Chick, Myth, or


Who is Coach Mia?

A Mentor Sharing her Life Experiences

Hi, my name is Mia… I’m a psychology trainer & executive coach working towards waking people up to thrive on life & become success stories to their dreams.
  • Motivation 93% 93%
  • Determination 68% 68%
  • Focus 90% 90%
  • Hard Work 28% 28%
  • fun 82% 82%


My boy, Krystian, and I caught in a loving embrace with a quick snap by the photagrapher at a friends’ wedding a few years ago. Our support systems help us Rock it!


Truly living life allows for crazy, fun adventures.  Leap out on faith and trust that God will bless you exponentially in your journey.


Truly living life allows for crazy, fun adventures.  Leap out on faith and trust that God will bless you exponentially in your journey.


Krystian and I all dressed up for the church Trunk or Treat festival.  Freedom to enjoy moments like these is unparalleled!

Mia, Lifestyle Architect and Transformational Coach

I come from humble beginnings and have been truly blessed in life and thank Jesus every day for that. I am proud to be a loving mother to a beautiful boy, Kyrstian, who’s growing so fast, omg, wayyy too fast; he’s my heart and my life!

I’m Colombian by blood and American by birth, and currently reside in Kentucky (home of the Derby horse races and gorgeous green pastures; can I get a what, what!). I’ve always been the laid back, fun-loving, sarcastic big kid kinda individual and people say my best qualities are my smile, sense of humor, and loyal heart. I’ve learned to tame my tongue over the years, but I’m often known as brutally honest as well. Don’t worry though, I’ve developed teeth holes in my tongue and tact in my honesty 😉 haha. Encouragement and positivity all the way!

I’ve helped thousands of people improve their performance and lifestyle through mindset, choices, and most importantly action. I’m devoted and motivated to help other people MAKE their journey and grow into their true selves.

Life can be so beautiful and my ultimate goal is to help each unique person learn their true beauty and worth in God’s eyes. How do you stay you and still grow into your dreams? Reaching those dreams takes major focus, determination, and work, so I hope to inspire people all over the world to take strides closer to Jesus, closer to being who they are meant to be, and realizing their potential and beauty too.

If you’re ready for the change, connect with me, and let’s journey to a new us together. I look forward to meeting you!

A Role of Many

I am who you need me to be… I believe in being fully supportive to the community and share what I’ve learned through my own life journey.  I will motivate you, encourage you, and teach you to wake up and take action towards your happiness.



A Fabulous Single Mother



A Fun-Loving Adventurer



Your Lifestyle Architect Coach & Mentor

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