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Who is Coach Beck?

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Hi, my name is Beck… I’m a Social Worker working towards waking people up to thrive on life & cultivate lasting bonds.

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Beck, Lifestyle Architect & Social Counselor

My name is Beck for the purpose of this website, but my legal name is Elizabeth. Does that make a difference to you? Well it doesn’t to me. I’ve been called a variety of different names in my life, and I didn’t actually know my real name was Elizabeth until I was in middle school. Isn’t that crazy? Ha-ha.

Now let’s start over, shall we? I was born in the 80s, 1984 to be exact. I was born in Kentucky and lived most of my first 17 years in a variety of different places throughout the state, but mainly in Louisville or Radcliff. My parents were in the military, Army, when I was born. I have two brothers, one is two years older and one is four years younger than me.

Have you ever looked at a couple and could just tell they were not a great match and their relationship would be a struggle? That was my parents; they were not a good match at all. My father is 13 years older than my mother and was ready to settle down with a family when my brothers and I were born. My mother had a rough upbringing though and was still very immature. She wasn’t ready to settle into family life as she did what she wanted when she wanted it, and also had a variety of different mental health issues. They fought like nothing else, but surprisingly ended up staying together until I was nine. The summer I turned 9, Dad moved out and we moved with my mother into her boyfriend’s house.

Between the time my parents divorced and I became a teenager there was a lot of things that happened to my brothers and I. Both my parents got remarried, my stepfather passed away from cancer, my mother was put into prison, and we had to move in with our father and stepmother. I lived with my father and stepmother until I was 16 and my younger brother and I moved back in with my mother. Shortly after, I got married at 17 and moved to North Carolina.

As an adult I didn’t always make the best choices, but I have learned oh so much!!! Not just knowledge of things, but so much about God and myself. I didn’t always have the best view of myself, but now I fully believe Psalm 139:14 when it states:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Now I am a mother of five wonderful boys (one is not biologically mine, but I love him the same as if he was). I currently reside in Alabama and am still in the process of developing who I will be. I’m here to help you in your journey, by sharing parts of me and things that I have learned over the years.


Our support systems help us Rock it!


Truly living life allows for crazy, fun adventures.  Leap out on faith and trust that God will bless you exponentially in your journey.


Truly living life allows for crazy, fun adventures.  Leap out on faith and trust that God will bless you exponentially in your journey.


Freedom to enjoy moments like these is unparalleled!

A Role of Many

I am who you need me to be… I believe in being fully supportive to the community and share what I’ve learned through my own life journey.  I will motivate you, encourage you, and teach you to wake up and take action towards your happiness.



A Fabulous Mother of ALL Boys




A Rocking Adventurer




Your Social Counselor & Mentor


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