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A little bit of Edge, a big amount of Fun, and a whole lotta Jesus.

A little bit of EDGE

Perfection is overrated. The real you comes from standing out and being yourself.

A big amount of FUN

Living can beat us down, but if you can’t find fun in your life, you may be killing your joy.

A Whole Lotta JESUS

Without our faith in Jesus, none of our life dreams would be possible!

We are an online sisterhood that encourages change, togetherness, and growth. It’s a community meant to allow women to be themselves, encourage one another through developing personal goals and dreams, and having fun through all of it. Access to this community is exclusive and only available to women looking to connect and better themselves through their own personal journey, wherever God leads them.

This is Our Vision.

To develop a better self-perception for women at all stages in their lives. To inspire and teach women to believe in themselves, of their worth, not only in God’s eyes, but in their own. To encourage positive action that will move women toward breaking through excuses that have held them back from creating and reaching goals. Most importantly, to show women that it is ok to enjoy life and have fun while “figuring it out” too.

This is our Mission.

BAMbabes is devoted to inspiring women to create breakthroughs in their lives by teaching them to shift their mindset, destroy limiting beliefs, and embrace life in an exciting way… All while strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ. <3

BAMbabes holds ourselves accountable to these GUIDING PRINCIPLES:

Add a bit of edge

Shake things up and offer new perspectives whenever possible because greater growth is reached when seeing/hearing things from another viewpoint.

Keep things simple

Most dreams and goals fail because things become too complicated or they get lost in the details; keeping things simple streamlines each individual’s journey process.

Team up and pool resources

Unite with people who are knowledgeable and have lived through challenges already so we can grow and learn from each other.

Always be grateful

God’s blessings are constant and His good can shine through every situation, so give gratitude for the learning experiences that come from every step in life’s journey.

Have fun or make it fun

Working hard is an integral part of developing one’s self, but it isn’t the contingency to it. Always be genuine and add some fun to the seriousness!

You vs. me mentality

Obsessing over fixing what doesn’t work is an inward “me” thinking habit, instead be passionate about helping others and focus on what works for them and how you are making an impact on their lives.


Ideas and words are empty without acting on them. Push past the desire to make excuses or stand still and be on purpose with positive actions.

About Beck & Mia



Lifestyle Architect & Webmaster

Hi! I’m a single mother of an awesome young man. I have a passion to help women become their best selves while rekindling and cultivating friendships by sharing my experiences and faith.



Lifestyle Architect & Editor

Hey! I’m a mother of 4 beautiful boys and I have a big heart for ensuring women feel valued and loved, by themselves, by others, and most importantly by God.

How We Met

Have you ever spent a significant amount of time away from a friend and upon seeing him/her again, it was like you’d never separated? It’s not often that these types of bonds take place in people’s lives. When they do, however, it is such an incredible blessing. How do those friendships initially develop though? Each one is probably different. Let me tell you the beginning of Beck and Mia’s journey towards an unbreakable and unshakeable friendship…

Mia, a stunning brunette, was a 21-year-old mind trapped in a 13-year-old body (or so she thought ha-ha), who never seemed to relate to many people. She had always kept close to herself and didn’t trust many people to be in her inner circle. One day during an after-school babysitting class, there was a beautiful young blonde girl rolling her eyes at an irritating boy who wouldn’t stop poking, tickling, and flirting with her. As an advocate for sticking up for other females, Mia had to say something to defend the mysterious blonde beauty. This initiated a conversation and a heart’s desire to befriend the girl. There was an unspeakable pull to this quiet stranger and Mia just knew she HAD to be friends with her…

Beck, a quiet 13-year-old, who probably also saw herself with a 21-year-old mindset, didn’t understand why the strange brunette kept talking to her. She came to this class to get out of the house and possibly make some money. Similar to Mia, she guarded herself against most everyone in her life and kept her circle close. After a while of Mia not giving up talking with her, Beck decided to give hanging out a try. Mia invited her to church and Beck decided to go; it had been years since she had stepped foot in a church, plus it would give her a chance to leave the house and get away from her incredibly strict parents for a bit.

This was the start of a beautiful blossoming friendship. When Mia’s papa pulled into the driveway of Beck’s house to pick her up for church, they all discovered that he knew Beck’s father AND they only lived a half a block from each other. Wow, the coincidences made it seem like it must have been destiny for the two girls to be friends. They started walking to each other’s houses to play and would get together to walk to school sometimes too. Beck would spend the night at Mia’s home almost every weekend. Beck truly became like one of the family; she was loved by Mia’s parents who called her their daughter too. The two girls became inseparable, they became sisters. Beck finally felt like she belonged and was wanted, which was something she felt she was missing in her own life, unknown to Mia.

Over the next four years, Mia and Beck grew closer than the peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich (which they both loved to snack on ha-ha). At 17, however, life’s shadows began to cast down on the girls. Stress and life began to take precedence over their time together. Beck got pregnant, graduated early, and married a Marine; thus, moving away in what felt like a blink of the eye. Shortly after, Mia married a Soldier, got pregnant and moved away too. Both submerged in their own lives, drifted further and further apart until contact just became non-existent.

Heavier shadows submerged Beck and Mia and nearly drowned them both while they were going through overpowering tribulations within their marriages and struggles of self-worth. Unbeknownst to anyone, Beck struggled with keeping her abusive relationship a secret and Mia drowned in depression with her husband constantly lying and cheating on her. They would think about the beautiful memories of their childhood friendship, but felt alone and too far fallen in dark pits to climb out and connect again.

It wasn’t until many years later that the two spoke again. Beck reached out to Mia on Facebook and because both were back in Kentucky again Beck invited Mia to her home in Louisville for dinner. Mia met Beck’s youngest son at the time and her new husband, Christopher. Beck finally met Mia’s son. They both had a wonderful evening, so, you might think that Beck and Mia rekindled their closeness again, but nope, Beck was starting a new chapter in her life with a new husband and soon to have a fourth son. She moved away to Alabama and although the two women spoke online occasionally, it wasn’t until years later when they would meet up again.

On two separate sides of the country, Beck was now in Washington with her family and Mia was back in Kentucky with her brother and parents. More than 2 decades had passed since they were such close friends as teenagers and with little hope of rekindling their strong sisterhood, neither would have guessed where God would lead them.

After deciding enough was enough, Mia purchased a flight ticket to visit Beck in Washington. Nervous and fearful of whether the two would even be able to get along after so many years having passed, Mia took a deep breath and stepped on the plane. Beck, excited, but also afraid that things might be different than they once were drove to the airport to pick Mia up.

Thrilled to see each other again, as soon as their eyes connected, they smiled and embraced. After only taking a short time to reconnect, it was as if no time had passed between the two. They spent a night in downtown Seattle talking so much and laughing so hard as they attended a Worlds Of Wonder showcase event. Shame certainly overtook both women about not holding strong to one of the few relationships that could outlast everything else in life. If they were going to rekindle their friendship and make it stick though, they would have to be proactive and purposeful about it.

With that thought in mind, they now take turns visiting each other and talk on the phone at least monthly. Finally feeling closer than ever, both discovered an idea. Having such big hearts of helping others in the world blossomed the incredible adventure of starting a membership site to aid in putting more encouragement into the world and helping others rekindle strong bonds and cultivate new ones.

Now you know our story, even though navigating some rocky roads, God blessed us with such a strong sister bond that we both pray will never break. What are some of the stories between you and your lasting friendships?

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