Where Women THRIVE on connections!

Being a BAM Babe means throwing away tired superficial conversations and connections…

It means surrounding yourself with enriching interactions where you be your full self, supported by a loving sisterhood, constant encouragement, prayers, Biblical feedback, and never any judgement.

There are real benefits to being part of a close sisterhood, you find a place where you feel you belong, a place to shine your own light and people listen, a place to relearn that you ARE a Rockstar just as you are!

Become a BAM Babe. We all become an extension of your beautiful full self & always without judgement!

We are an online community coming together to share in our journeys and brainstorm solutions to breaking chains and making breakthroughs by faith in Christ who strengthens us.

The strongest action is when Christ’s church comes together in worship and prayer. We are a tight knit sisterhood praying for one another and challenging each other to a stronger bond.

There are monthly BamBlast meetings exclusive only to our members where our mentors & guest speakers lead a discussion on various areas that lead to living fuller lives.

Talking about pathways and actually taking action towards them are very different concepts. Members gain access to assignments that provide that extra push towards growth.


BAMbabe leaders and community mentors lead in BAMlink small groups to further develop goals and discussions on a more personal basis. Moving mountains into the fast lane.

An Intentional Life

Have you discovered pieces of yourself missing throughout your life journey and need some help finding and putting them back together? What has your walk through life been filled with lately? Loneliness, boredom? …you are worth MORE!

Peace of Mind through hard times

Positive and negative experiences shape you to be a better you; and if you allow it, each experience can guide you closer to God and give you peace from negative emotions and thoughts. We’ve created this partnership to talk through the hard times together to help you become the person God intends you to be.

With faith in Jesus, Peace of Mind is within your grasp.

Control of Your Own Future

Being in control goes beyond norm, it’s about freedom to grow into your future self the way you desire. Be intentional to transform your future into what you dream of… Flirt with opportunity however you like, dig deep into the unknown, and get excited about it too …but you have to make the first move.

Making no change today means the same tomorrow.

space to show up as your true self

Imagine for a moment, your soul is fed by the best part of human connection and through a female lens.  No gossip, no drama, & no judgement… where you can feel heard, seen, understood and inspired. Fear, however, is a strong driver, and sometimes a strong hindrance too. Staying tucked away will get you no where.

The beauty within has been hiding too long; space to be free is here.

Go for it, You're worth it

How do you create depth in connection to yourself and to others? Consider this, you are accountable for your own impact made on you and others around you.  Being intentional in your life is the key in just about everything.  It takes one step at a time to change what you do (or don’t do) every single day.

BAMbabes is an exclusive community, backed by the support of Christ-following mentors who focus on today’s truth (not any of that past story crap that keeps women feeling small).  This sisterhood is based on creating deeper lasting relationships, with God, themselves, and others, and encouragement. 

Having a distinct group of sisters to love on you is like hiring a secret weapon to explode your strength in being your true self.

Beck sick of not being me

I’m SICK of not knowing where I fit in…

Aren’t you?!?

Mia Sick of not being me

If you’ve found this page, then it means you too are searching for something missing in your life.

Come as you are, celebrate in your own beauty as we magnify your strength.  Step out on faith, pray for God’s guidance and join our team. We work with a multitude of women, from all walks of life, and now we’re waiting for you!

WHO IS THIS partnership community FOR?

Are you cut out for stepping out of the norm? If something inside you moves to any of the following questions… you NEED to get in on this community!

Have people judged you before even knowing you?

Do you wish you had better relationships with others?

Do you crave authentic connections with like-minded women?

Have you put limits on yourself not noticing that you have much to offer others?

Do you already have great friends and family in your life, but realize your connections aren’t as deep as they could be?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re in competition with other woman?

Do you wish you had more courage to make changes in your life?

Do you wish you had a better outlook in your life?

Would you like to be surrounded by a diverse harmonized group of individuals looking to gain momentum too?

Are you missing a strength that encourages you?

Have you been seeking a reprieve in the chaos of everyday life?

Have you noticed the negative impact of being too caught up in comparison and competition with your peers?

Have you wanted to delve into who you are, your authentic self, but haven’t known how to start?

Do you want deep meaningful relationships without feeling judged or like you are actually good enough?

Have you wished your life was filled with more awesome?

Have you ever thought, “I wish there was more positive into the world.”

If you blink and don’t know where the time went, are you working too hard?

Is it difficult to see the potential you have as a woman, mother, wife, or friend?

Have you been seeking a place to come where others would listen, encourage, and support whatever you are doing in your life?

We've got your back

If you are seeking to join a community of strong, faithful, and compassionate leaders who hold a strong vision of intentional impact… this membership is the place for you.  We work to actively form deep friendships and bust through some of the roadblocks that keep women playing small and missing true connection with others.  We consider this group to be a sacred place to come, share, be real, and be heard.  Anyone who becomes a BAMbabe sister is expected to be of best character and ethics.  We are followers of Christ, but women of all faiths are welcome to mingle.

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